If I were to fall... Would you catch me? In sleep I'm caught in evil dreams Glimpses of a foe unseen If my illusions turn on me catch me
The world is turning much too fast I know my wish for peace won't last When I have to fight or fall Will you catch me? if I fall.. catch me if i fall
Don't tear away these silver wings Who will catch me? when all my thoughts turn to depair catch me catch me if I fall
From the fans...

Current Contest

To sumit fanart please either email me the file or a link to the file.
If you are on Deviant Art you can upload your fanart to your account, then note me at Kalisama with a link to your entry.

click on image to view full size.

Satashi is holding my boys as slaves! XD
Kali's old design
A new dress design for Satashi
This is her contest entry before it got colored.
I still love this one!
It's me in a kimono!
Karasu sitting on a rock
Me in my kimono again. This time colored with the computer
Ha! Me and my husband!
She's throwing Kali plushie in the garbage! XD
Another outfit design for Satashi
Part of a logo she designed
I like this one alot. Satashi attacking
Chibi Satashi
Satashi headshot
She helped me brainstorm while creating Satashi's character
Satashi seducing Kali's man.Too funny!
Tobi holding half of a plushie of my husband's character Tetsuya. Goes with the image of Eric holding the other half that Medea drew.
Tobi finally gets his chance to dance in this remake of an earlier fanart.
Submited by Sutashi

Kali playing the phantom in Phantom of the Opera...
Submited by Karasutendo

This goes together with one Sutashi did. Tobi and eric both have half of a plushie of my husband's character Tetsuya because he gets together with Kali in a fanfic
Medea head shot
Ah the infamous butt cape...this is Medea's old design before I changed it because I found I could no longer draw that thing...
Medea in a gothy dress from one of the ceturies she's lived through. Back then she had long hair.
Medea side profile
Medea playing with a fire spell. This is one of my favorites.
Eric as Christine and Tobi as Roul from phantom of the opera. Goes with the Phantom Kali that sutashi did.
Me and my Tobi Treats XD. I love the little chibi on the box!
Submited by Medea Hiasobi

Tobi and Eric back to back
Pretty Kali
Tobi looks like he's using his powers to play air guitar! I love it XD
Eric! She drew me tobi too, but I can't find him anymore...he got eaten by meh hard drive demons
Chibi me as a demon baby XD

Off The Paper Fan Art

This is a special section for non-drawing fan art. (aka the 3D stuff)

It's a clay sculpture of Kali! How cool!
Here it is all painted.
Submited by Sutashi
A Kali Doll! I love her very much ^__^ but she keeps loosing shoes.
Medea holding up the matching Tobi doll she made! Where would Kali be without Tobi XD.
Submited by Medea

(scroll over to slow text)

The Alter Ego theme song.

The wind is calling out my name
The sky is weeping for my pain
If I were to fall
Who would catch me?
Catch me if I fall

In sleep I'm caught in evil dreams
Glimpses of a foe unseen
If my illusions turn on me
Catch me
Catch me if I fall

Don't tear away these silver wings
Help me fly beyond these things
Show me where my strenght has gone
So that I can at last go on

The world is turning much too fast
I know my wish for peace won't last
When I have to fight or fall
Will you catch me if I fall?

Fire, water
Earth and sky
I promise I won't
Let you die

Sin and sorrow
Pain and loss
I wouldn't have you
Bear that cross

When I fall into my dreams
Don't let me hide from all those things
That I can't seem to fix in life
Please show me that there is some light
When all my thoughts are in despair
Please show me that there's someone there...

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