If I were to fall... Would you catch me? In sleep I'm caught in evil dreams Glimpses of a foe unseen If my illusions turn on me catch me
The world is turning much too fast I know my wish for peace won't last When I have to fight or fall Will you catch me? if I fall.. catch me if i fall
Don't tear away these silver wings Who will catch me? when all my thoughts turn to depair catch me catch me if I fall
Fun stuff for you!

Which AlTer Ego Character Are You?

1. What's your gender?

2. What's your biggest personal fault?
Nothing I do ever seems good enough.
No one ever notices me.
I guess I tend to overreact at times...but I don't mean it.
Faults? Ha! You've got the wrong person. I don't have any faults.
I...I'm unsure...
Humanity itself is one giant fault. It must be eliminated.
I always seem to get in everybody's way.

3. If someone just met you, what would be their first impression of you?
cynical, obsessive, scary
quiet, shy, mysterious
loud, self-centered, sarcastic
strict, calm, ruthless
happy, energetic, naive
beautiful, mature, bitchy
weird, random, aloof

4. What would you most likely be found doing in your free time?
Trying to convince this one girl that she really does like me...
Playing videogames or watching tv.
Plotting my next move for world domination.
Free time? Do I have any of that? I have to study and improve my skills.
Lounging around, maybe getting into a little mischeif...
Stalking people. And then I'd go rollerblading.
Spending time with a friend. Maybe just daydreaming...

5. Your friends tell you...
need to be more confident in yourself.
should be dead.
need to lay off it...geez.
need to get a clue.
need to realize you're just being used.
need to bring your ego back down to size.
find the answers for yourself.

6. You seem alright, but on the inside you're...
tearing yourself apart over what you've done with your life.
are your own worst enemy.
wishing someone would notice you.
just a complete and total a$$.
wishing you could be something you're not.
wondering if people actually accept you or if they're just pretending.
still trying to deal with family problems (past/present/future).

7. If you could use any one elemental power what would it be?
...I dunno. Can't I just use something man made?
Why use my own powers when I can make others do it for me?

8. What would you wear to a party?
Normal clothes?
A beautiful dress, kinda on the big fluffy side.
Classic black.
Whatever I wanna wear.
I don't go to parties. I rule you.
Something feminine and yet still has an edge to it.
Something fashionable, but not too revealing.

9. So now you're at the party. What are you up to?
Making sure no other guys get too close to my girl. I could use a nice fist fight right now...this party is lame.
Trying to decide if I should get up and dance, or just lay back and look cool.
Having fun hanging out with my friends.
People make me nervous...I think I'll just stay in the corner.
Dancing. And if that ugly guy in the corner tries to cut in, I'll kick him!
Feeling kinda akward.
DESTROYING PEOPLES FUN. I told you I didn't want to go.

10. What's your favorite color?
Light blue/silver/dark red
dark purple/ dark blue/ blue
Orange/ yellow

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The Alter Ego theme song.

The wind is calling out my name
The sky is weeping for my pain
If I were to fall
Who would catch me?
Catch me if I fall

In sleep I'm caught in evil dreams
Glimpses of a foe unseen
If my illusions turn on me
Catch me
Catch me if I fall

Don't tear away these silver wings
Help me fly beyond these things
Show me where my strenght has gone
So that I can at last go on

The world is turning much too fast
I know my wish for peace won't last
When I have to fight or fall
Will you catch me if I fall?

Fire, water
Earth and sky
I promise I won't
Let you die

Sin and sorrow
Pain and loss
I wouldn't have you
Bear that cross

When I fall into my dreams
Don't let me hide from all those things
That I can't seem to fix in life
Please show me that there is some light
When all my thoughts are in despair
Please show me that there's someone there...

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