If I were to fall... Would you catch me? In sleep I'm caught in evil dreams Glimpses of a foe unseen If my illusions turn on me catch me
The world is turning much too fast I know my wish for peace won't last When I have to fight or fall Will you catch me? if I fall.. catch me if i fall
Don't tear away these silver wings Who will catch me? when all my thoughts turn to depair catch me catch me if I fall
Here you will find some myths and ledgends behind the character's names that inspired me while creating Alter Ego.

Main Characters

Kali(Kali Ma)"the black mother"-dark goddess-the terrible-goddess of death- great goddess-Patroness of witches. Dual personality exhibiting traits of both gentleness and love, and revenge and terrible death. She is always a trinity manifested in three forms: Three divisions of the year, three phases of the moon, three sections of the cosmos, three stages of life, three types of priestesses at her shrine. She is said to command the weather by braiding or releasing her hair. Her karmic wheel devours time itself. The Hindu mother goddess; symbol of dissolution and destruction. She destroys ignorance, maintains the world orde4r, and blesses and frees those who strive for the knowledge of god. In the Vedas the name is associated with Agn, the god of fire, who had seven flickering tongues of flame of which Kali was the black, horrible tongue. This meaning of the word has meanwhile been replaced by the goddess Kali, the grim consort of Shiva. Her appearance is fearsome, baleful eyes, a protruding tongue and four arms. in her upper left hand she wields a bloody sword and in her lower left hand she holds the severed head of a demon. With her upper right hand confers benefits. Drapped around her is a chain of severed human heads and she wears a belt made of dismembered arms. As the divine mother she is often represented dancing or in sexual union with Shiva. As Bhavatari, the redeemer of the universe, she stands upon the surpine form of her spouse. She is also known as Kalimata (black earth mother) and Kalaratri (black night).

("The Lord is Good") Tobias is the hero of the apocryphal book of Tobit in the old testament. It relates how Tobias is able to defeat a demon with the help of archangel Raphael.

In Armenian mythology, Ays is an evil demon and the personification of the wind. In this form he is able to enter the body of a human being, who will either go mad or become a demon himself. Ays belongs to the Dev, a group of immortal spirits.

The raven ("Karasu") is a central figure in the west coast traditions, from California to Alaska. Among his many feats he stole the moon and sun from the sky chief and put them in the sky, braught humans the first berries and salmon, and (according to several traditions) called the first humans up from the earth, or discovered the first human babies within a clam shell. Raven was perpetually hounded by the trickster god, Coyote. Like the crow, the raven is generally a negative symbol, although it appears occasionally in the Bible as a wise messenger. It is a "talking bird, hence prophecy" and often a companion to the dead. Jugian pyschology defines the raven as the dark side of the psyche.

Medea was a devotee of the goddess Hecate, and one of the great sorceresses of the ancient world. She was the daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis, and the granddaughter of Helios, the sun god. King Aeetes' most valuable possession was a golden ram's fleece. When Jason and the crew of the Argo arrived at Colchis seeking the Golden Fleece, Aeetes was unwilling to relinquish it and set Jason a series of seemingly impossible tasks as the price of obtaining it. Medea fell in love with Jason and agreed to use her magic to help him, in return for Jason's promise to marry her. Jason fled in the Argo after obtaining the golden fleece, taking Medea and her younger brother, Absyrtis, with him. King Aeetes pursued them. In order to delay the pursuit, Medea killed her brother and cut his body into pieces, scattering the parts behind the ship. The pursuers had to stop and collect Absyrtis' dismembered body in order to give it proper burial, and so Jason, Medea and the Argonauts escaped.
After the Argo returned safely to Iolcus, Jason's home, Medea continued using her sorcery. She restored the youth of Jason's aged father, Aeson, by cutting his throat and filling his body with a magical potion. She then offered to do the same for Pelias the king of Iolcus who had usurped Aeson's throne. She tricked Pelias' daughters into killing him, but left the corpse without any youth-restoring potion.
After the murder of Pelias, Jason and Medea had to flee Iolcus; they settled next in Corinth. There Medea bore Jason two children before Jason forsook her in order to marry the daughter of Creon, the king of Corinth. Medea got revenge for Jason's desertion by killing the new bride with a poisoned robe and crown which burned the flesh from her body; King Creon died as well when he tried to embrace his dying daughter. Medea fled Corinth in a chariot, drawn by winged dragons, which belonged to her grandfather Helios. She took with her the bodies of her two children, whom she had murdered in order to give Jason further pain.
Medea then took refuge with Aegeus, the old king of Athens, having promised him that she would use her magic to enable him to have more children. She married Aegeus and bore him a son,Medus. But Aegeus had another son, Theseus. When Theseus returned to Athens, Medea tried to trick her husband into poisoning him. She was unsuccessful, and had to flee Athens, taking Medus with her. After leaving Athens,Medus became king of the country which was later called Media.


Shiva is the third great god of the Triumud(in Hindu Religion). He is known as the Destroyer.
Satashi (Sati) is a consort of Shiva. She commited suicide after learning that Shiva had killed her father.
Nirriti-Avedic goddess of evil and deceit; personification of destruction. Form of Kali.
Durgha-The inaccesible irrepresented by a yellow woman riding a tiger. Form of Kali.
Uma- Goddess. Form of Kali
Avani- Goddess. Form of Kali
Utama- Goddess. Form of Kali
Mahedevi- Goddess. Form of Kali

7 Deadly Sins

Each of the seven are named after different forms of the goddess Kali (from different cultures) and thus are all part of one whole being in the story. They are all pieces of Kali's lost power which she regains through their defeat.

1.Niruruit - Anger
2.Durugaha - Greed (avarice)
3.Umako - Pride
4.Avani - Lust
5.Paravati - Sloth
6.Utama - Gluttony
7.Mahedevi - Envy

Kali = Self indulgence (AKA all of the above)

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The Alter Ego theme song.

The wind is calling out my name
The sky is weeping for my pain
If I were to fall
Who would catch me?
Catch me if I fall

In sleep I'm caught in evil dreams
Glimpses of a foe unseen
If my illusions turn on me
Catch me
Catch me if I fall

Don't tear away these silver wings
Help me fly beyond these things
Show me where my strenght has gone
So that I can at last go on

The world is turning much too fast
I know my wish for peace won't last
When I have to fight or fall
Will you catch me if I fall?

Fire, water
Earth and sky
I promise I won't
Let you die

Sin and sorrow
Pain and loss
I wouldn't have you
Bear that cross

When I fall into my dreams
Don't let me hide from all those things
That I can't seem to fix in life
Please show me that there is some light
When all my thoughts are in despair
Please show me that there's someone there...

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