If I were to fall... Would you catch me? In sleep I'm caught in evil dreams Glimpses of a foe unseen If my illusions turn on me catch me
The world is turning much too fast I know my wish for peace won't last When I have to fight or fall Will you catch me? if I fall.. catch me if i fall
Don't tear away these silver wings Who will catch me? when all my thoughts turn to depair catch me catch me if I fall
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The Good Guys

Kali Kokueno Kali: Veiw profile on Kokueno Kali
Appears to be just an average high school student. Kali is rather introverted and shy.

Tobias Tobias: Veiw profile on Tobias
Information Unavailable.

Eric Kazeno Eric: Veiw profile on Kazeno Eric
Student at Shukuen High School. Classmate and friend of Kokueno Kali. Appears to have ties with Tobias.

Karasu Tendo Karasu: Veiw profile on Tendo Karasu
Student at Shukuen High School. Is frequently seen with Hiasobi Medea. Family and orgins unknown.

Medea Hiasobi Medea: Veiw profile on Hiasobi Medea
Student at Shukuen High School. Trains in the arts and skill mastery. Appears to be somewhat of an outsider. Associates with Tendo Karasu.

The Bad

Shiva Shiva: Veiw profile on Shiva
A member of the council of the Sacred Three. His intentions have become all but honorable. He controls a group of evil women. His goals at this time are unknown.

Satashi Satashi: Veiw profile on Satashi
One of Shiva's many wives. Appears to be the ring leader amongst his minions.

Niruruit Niruruit:
Wife of Shiva. A rather angry young woman.

Unseen Durugaha:
Wife of Shiva.

Unseen Umako:
Wife of Shiva.

Unseen Avani:
Wife of Shiva.

Unseen Paravati:
Wife of Shiva.

Unseen Utama:
Wife of Shiva.

Unseen Mahedevi:
Wife of Shiva.

Supporting Characters

Chiharu, Aikia, and Achiko:
Friends of Kali's. Chiharu is a straight 'A' student who worries too much about her image, doesn't care about other people and wants to be #1 in the class. She'll stop at nothing to get what she wants, and what she wants is to make others look bad. Aikia likes to gossip about anyone or anything, just to cause trouble. Achiko is strives to be head cheerleader, but never seems to make it. Her ego is bigger than her talent. She is convinced that Seito is deeply in love with her.

Banseino Seito:
A friend and classmate of Eric, Kali, and Medea.He is part of the theater club. Likes Posing for pictures & teasing Eli, especially by flirting with the girls.

Eli Austen:
Also a friend of Eric, Kali, and Medea. He's Seito's little "boy toy". He's a British exchange student who's into theater and likes Ego waffles. He gets defensive about tea.

Makeruno Jason:
Medea's former lover, who left her for another girl.

Mysterious boy in Medea's class that always tries to get into her conversations with Eli and Seito.

Tendo Kasui:
Karasu's older sister.

Tendo Kido:
Karasu's younger sister.

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The Alter Ego theme song.

The wind is calling out my name
The sky is weeping for my pain
If I were to fall
Who would catch me?
Catch me if I fall

In sleep I'm caught in evil dreams
Glimpses of a foe unseen
If my illusions turn on me
Catch me
Catch me if I fall

Don't tear away these silver wings
Help me fly beyond these things
Show me where my strenght has gone
So that I can at last go on

The world is turning much too fast
I know my wish for peace won't last
When I have to fight or fall
Will you catch me if I fall?

Fire, water
Earth and sky
I promise I won't
Let you die

Sin and sorrow
Pain and loss
I wouldn't have you
Bear that cross

When I fall into my dreams
Don't let me hide from all those things
That I can't seem to fix in life
Please show me that there is some light
When all my thoughts are in despair
Please show me that there's someone there...

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