If I were to fall... Would you catch me? In sleep I'm caught in evil dreams Glimpses of a foe unseen If my illusions turn on me catch me
The world is turning much too fast I know my wish for peace won't last When I have to fight or fall Will you catch me? if I fall.. catch me if i fall
Don't tear away these silver wings Who will catch me? when all my thoughts turn to depair catch me catch me if I fall
From the fans...

Fan Poetry

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Dark Mother, The Destroyer

Within each heart there is a mirror
Luminescent in the glow
Of all our hopes and dreams and wonders
That reflects all that we know

Within each mirror there's a vision
Darker than the endless night
Of all the nightmares that await us
When, at last, we lose the light

Within each vision there is bleakness
Colder than despair can be
That cracks the shields around our souls
And lets dark death count every beat

Within that bleakness there is nothing
That we can hold to, though we must
And when we falter, losing balance
We fall from high for lack of trust

Within each heart there is a goddess
That devours our souls at last
To end both pain and joy forever
And release us from our past

Within the goddess is true mercy
Such a rarity in this place
And she will keep us when time closes
In her all-embracing grace

-Melissa Sandvick


I promise myself a tomorrow
that my shadow won't steal away
and the strength to always fly over
the obstacles tossed in my way
like the miracle-workers before me
I stand on the glassy black lake
And think of the things that I'll never
Allow my own darkness to take

-Melissa Sandvick


breathe out
I don't know how to explain
the way the light fades
in the face of your sorrow
it seems the reaching beams
of the sun
falter in front of your lips
the grass that stretches so green
up to your feet
is dead and bleak where your tears
have fallen
oh, for sorrow
the wind slows
whirls about you
then hastens on its hurried way
I see your questioning expression
but I can't explain
why your eyes are reflecting nothing
I pray
and you never breathe in

-Melissa Sandvick


Angel in the morning light
I hate to see you weep
As if every good you've ever done
Can't somehow give you peace
I think, somehow, you cannot see
The grace that you possess
Or else you'd fall to shining dreams
And find your rightful rest
Angel, if you listen close
I'll tell you what you long to hear:
What's bad can't be forgotten
What's good can't be replaced
What's right can't be regretted
What's wrong can't be released
So now, at last, can you see?
Can you find the faith with which to believe?
Forgiven, set free, and gifted a chance
Not remade or in hiding, but back in the dance
Angel, your story is totally clear
And your heart and soul are pure
Necessity is the only evil here
One forgiven, because it's everything real
And you'll heal again with love and time
So stop this crying, angel-mine

-Melissa Sandvick

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The Alter Ego theme song.

The wind is calling out my name
The sky is weeping for my pain
If I were to fall
Who would catch me?
Catch me if I fall

In sleep I'm caught in evil dreams
Glimpses of a foe unseen
If my illusions turn on me
Catch me
Catch me if I fall

Don't tear away these silver wings
Help me fly beyond these things
Show me where my strenght has gone
So that I can at last go on

The world is turning much too fast
I know my wish for peace won't last
When I have to fight or fall
Will you catch me if I fall?

Fire, water
Earth and sky
I promise I won't
Let you die

Sin and sorrow
Pain and loss
I wouldn't have you
Bear that cross

When I fall into my dreams
Don't let me hide from all those things
That I can't seem to fix in life
Please show me that there is some light
When all my thoughts are in despair
Please show me that there's someone there...

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